Mayatech provides IT and Telecommunication solutions and consulting services to companies in Telco and other IT based organizations. Maya Team formed of highly experienced industry experts, each known to be best of their area of expertise with more than 25 years experience.

Mayatech Services Include ;
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM) and API Consulting
  • Middleware Application and Software Consulting
  • Product Development and Support
  • Operational Advice and Support
  • Personal and Corporate Training

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Service Oriented Architecture & Business Process Management & API Consulting

Nowadays, more and more companies understand the need for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Drawn primarily by the promise of interoperability in an increasingly global and heterogeneous business world, we deliver the most efficient and high quality Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consulting services to allow firms to better align their business needs and IT infrastructure, lower development costs, encourage sharing of services, complete integration faster and build industry best practices.

SOA is the latest evolution in distributed computing. Using the service oriented approach, we enables rapid assembly, shortens deployment time and reduces risk of failure so you can keep your organization more agile and profitable.

Mayatech SOA Architects possesses a strong understanding of the enterprise from a business perspective. Hence they are able to assist your staff in developing SOA principles and best practices that guide planning, development, integration and management of application infrastructures. Our action items include:

  • SOA Readiness Assessment: establishing a SOA road-map by assessing the enterprise’s current state and readiness for SOA
  • SOA Business Case Analysis: work closely with the business owner(s) to demonstrate the value of SOA in their environment
  • SOA Application Analysis: work closely with the Information Systems group to identity which of their applications should form the basis of a SOA


Middleware and Software Consulting

Mayatech Middleware and Software Consulting Services Team comprises highly experienced middleware architects and software developers who had their names written under hundreds of large scale enterprise applications and projects in the world-wide.

With a strong and efficient developer team who has extensive experience especially in Java development and related technologies for more than 25 years in the corporate industry, we are promising to deliver secure, reliable, enduring software products and development and support services which guarantee to satisfy your business needs also in the long term.

Mayatech Agile Development

With a large and highly-experienced consulting staff, Mayatech offers enterprise software development services in the industry. Our training, team coaching, management consulting, software development, and on-site Agile professionals help businesses get Agile at the enterprise level for mission critical live systems.



SOA Training, Weblogic Training, Java Training and more…

Mayatech has captured years of implementation and consulting experience in a series of training courses designed to accelerate the practical understanding of Oracle’s SOA Suite and SoftwareAG's Is/WM/APIGateway.

Mayatech is able to give SoftwareAG, Oracle SOA Suite, Weblogic and Java training to any organization’s requirements. We are experts at performing customized training across any topic of Oracle SOA Suite, Weblogic and Java.


Mayatech Automated IT Operations

Now is the time for operational leaders to step up the infrastructure as a service with ITIL standards. Efficient IT operation management transcends daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage for our clients. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global infrastructure costs. Mayatech is ready to support your organization/company with our high level skilled engineers.